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Right off the bat, just hearing that the Christys’ London hat company debuted in 1773 is incredible. In the fashion industry, some companies can’t survive for a few years, let alone a few centuries. Being able to survive for that long immediately shows that they have products that people appreciate, want to purchase and keep buying. They are currently the largest hat making company in the world. Each piece is created with high quality materials and detailed craftsmanship. Not only that, but Christys’ London has supplied accessories for nine reigns of British royals. Other famous people who are big fans of the brand include Kate Moss, Cheryl Cole, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

During the chillier weather, we love the idea of capping off your look with a wool hat. For a menswear look, slip on a fedora or newsboy hat. If you want something a bit more feminine, try a cloche hat, which has a sweet bell shape. Another option would be to go with a floppy hat. If you are a woman of leisure, or aren’t outdoors a lot, a wide-brim hat would be very statement making. But if you are running around a lot, then opt for a short-brim or mid-brim version. This is so that the wind doesn’t catch the brim as much, and it doesn’t fly off of your head.

When the weather is warmer, straw hats are lightweight and very chic. Plain straw hats, or ones with a simple band are very versatile. When you want to pop out of the crowd a bit, choose one that has fun accents such as bright feathers or vibrant bows. You will love the way they fancy up your tees and shorts, and accent your maxi dresses. Just be sure to purchase the hats that you want immediately. These are spectacular designs that are quite the hit with our stylish clientele.

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