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Chamak by Priya Kakkar jewelry is incredibly dazzling. The colors are intense, glitter is brilliant and quality is impeccable. You can see the strong ties between the designs and the Indian culture.

Some of our favorite pieces that this brand offers are their bangle sets. They will transport your outfit to another world. Browse through beaded bangle sets, jeweled bangle sets, multicolor bangle sets, pink bangle sets and so much more. The hardest part will be just making one purchase. There is something special about each design that is innovative, decadent and intoxicating. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you!

What is fabulous about these bangle sets is the multitude of looks you can get out of them. When you want to go very fancy, stack a set on each wrist. For a nighttime look, just wear one Chamak bracelet set. In need of something extremely simple? Just pluck your favorite bangle from the package and wear that. Another new and fresh look that you can get with your purchase is taking a few bracelets and making a new set by mixing and matching it with ones that you already have in your own jewelry box. Don’t the possibilities seem endless?

Chamak by Priya Kakkar also offers jeweled earrings that will brilliantly shine with every move that you make. All of the stones have beautiful facets to maximize sparkle. Wear more petite styles to dress up a casual look. Or go for bold dangle earrings when you really want to make a statement. Because there are so many gorgeous colors to choose from, why not select a pair of earrings that represent your birthstone? Say your birthday is in September, then you would accessorize with a pair of deep, sapphire blue stone earrings. February babies should opt for a pretty and soft amethyst colored pair and so on. It’s a way to personalize your jewelry to make it extra special to you.

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