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Originally created for yogis and yoga instructors, Be Present apparel is now available for all women who want style and function. Be Present clothing is comfortable and stretches for your body’s movements in the studio, but they are sleek and fashionable enough to slip on as streetwear as well. With busy lives everywhere, this company can at least simply one thing for you so that you can easily go into different modes in your life.

For a fabulous basic, you can’t go wrong with Be Present pants. They come in a huge array of neutral colors so that you can slip them on with any tops in your bureau and know that you look amazing. We also love how great Be Present zip-ups and hoodies feel against our skin. They are a great way to keep your muscles warm after stretching them out at the studio or park.

If you are looking for a way to heighten your Chakras, you can purchase B Present tops so that you can pick one that goes with your mood for the day. A red Be Present tank could be a way to attain stability and inner strength. Orange is associated with being sexy. There are yellow tops for when you want a boost in confidence and energy. For love and compassion, slip on a Be Present green top. Blue is a way for you to open up with increased communication and creativity. And last but not least. Wear purple to open up to the spiritual world. These items make for fantastic gift giving options as well for those who believe in chakras, as well as loved ones who you want to give a bit of a push.

Be sure to come back to Designs by Stephene on a weekly basis. We are always stocking our website with the hottest and latest items so that you can add them to your wardrobe. We don’t want you missing out on anything.

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