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Alo clothing is all about combining luxury, sustainability and the yogi lifestyle together. Their creative team designs eco-friendly pieces that use materials such as bamboo and organic cotton. Their stance for the environment goes even further than that. At their design house in Los Angeles, they use solar power and even have numerous in-house recycling programs. This is one yoga line we can get behind.

Alo apparel is wonderful because it will allow you to seamlessly transition from the studio, to the streets. This way you can be comfortable, and look great at the same time without having to change. You will love adding everything from Alo tank tops, Alo tee-shirts, Alo sports bras, Alo tunics, Alo leggings and Alo cargo shorts to your wardrobe. The colors that hey use are so amazing. You can purchase neutrals such as black, white and gray. But when you want a pop of color, you can definitely get it from this company. They use rich dyes that give you such a rich and clean color. Browse through royal blue, pastel blue navy, fuschia, red, coral, lavender and seafoam. We suggest purchasing a few different ones so that you always have a great color to match your mood for the day.

Because Alo clothing is so environmentally responsible, and because each piece they produce is of high quality, we also love giving these items out as gifts for our loved ones’ birthdays and for the holidays. They can be worn to be active, to lounge in and simply as casualwear. Every woman could use a piece of Alo apparel.

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